The C2021 logo represents many foundational aspects integral to the organization of the 2021 Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) conference:

  • The three leaves are a symbol of diversity, one of the fundamental values of our 2021 conference.
  • The three leaves encompass the 2021 conference reaching out to the three Americas.
  • The three leaves also borrow significant colours from each of the three Americas evaluation associations: the Canadian Evaluation Society (blue), the American Evaluation Association  (red), and the Latin-American and Caribbean Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization Network (green).
  • The three leaves represent the traditional phases of policy development; 1) planning 2) implementation, and 3) evaluation); however, they are not ordered sequentially, instead feeding into each other for a more realistic representation of the policy process.
  • The three leaves are asymmetrically arranged to represent a dynamic and non-linear system of evaluation utilization.
  • The dark outline of the leaves leads to different paths, just as there are multiple paths to evaluation utilization, not a single circular one.
  • Sustainability, another important value for the 2021 conference, is represented by the use of the green colour.
  • Bilingualism is another important value of the conference organization team and one of the foundational characteristics of the CES itself; it is demonstrated by this logo which is equally appropriate in English and in French.