A C2021 Thematic Hangout for an inspiring conversation on an evaluation topic

C2021 conference organizers have navigated the challenges associated with COVID-19 to transform our popular face-to-face Thematic Breakfasts to virtual Thematic Hangouts (TH). Thematic Hangouts involve a conversation led by your TH host about a topic of interest in a smaller group setting (maximum of 12-15 participants). All from the comfort of your home! 

C2021 will offer 13 different Thematic Hangouts, happening concurrently on Monday, May 10th from 3:15-4:15 PM Eastern. C2021’s Thematic Hangout topics include:

  • Evaluation in the context of fragility, conflict and violence
  • Sex, Gender and Diversity lenses in Evaluation
  • Incorporating expert advice to enhance evaluation utilization
  • Innovative approaches to program evaluation in sport and physical activity

The Thematic Hangouts will use the latest virtual conference technologies to enable participants to engage with host(s) and other attendees on a topic of shared interest, as well as provide you with opportunities to build your networks. 

For more information, including the full conference program and registration information, visit the C2021 Website. Hope to hang out with you at C2021!