Contribute Your Ideas and Expertise by Hosting a Thematic Breakfast Table at C2020!

Do you have an interesting topic that you have done some research on and would like to share and discuss? Are you interested in pitching an innovative tool or practice and receiving feedback? Do you have an exciting project that you want to explain to people who could decide to team up with you? Do you want to connect with a specific community of practice? If so, how about hosting a Thematic Breakfast Table?

The Thematic Breakfast, occurring on the Tuesday morning of the conference, June 16, 2020, is a great way to share, explore and collaborate with your evaluation colleagues. A table will be devoted to your topic, with room for about eight people to join you. You’ll have about one hour to discuss your ideas, pick their brains, and get them talking about your subject. Note that the Thematic Breakfast was on Wednesday in previous years; we moved it to Tuesday so that there would be more time to continue networking with your Thematic Breakfast colleagues during the rest of the conference.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, a curious individual with a great idea to share and want feedback, or someone who genuinely possess the ‘gift of gab’ and has a thing or two to say that’s relevant to the conference theme or sub-themes, we want to hear from you! Consult the Call for Thematic Breakfasts and prepare to submit your proposal through our online submission system starting on November 1, 2019. Hesitant about your topic or leading a table discussion? Let’s chat!

Contact us at Your Thematic Breakfast table is waiting for you!