Incorporating Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) in Your Presentations

The Canadian Evaluation Society is committed to promoting diversity, supporting inclusion, and building equity through peer-to-peer learning. 

In line with this commitment, we encourage you to engage in a gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) of your C2021 presentation topic and to incorporate in the delivery of your presentation considerations of a broad spectrum of gender identities and of other intersecting identity factors (e.g., race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, geographic region, etc.). 

A GBA+ analysis entails examining how diverse groups of people are differentially affected by policies, programs, and initiatives. Some of the questions addressed through this process include:

  • Do the needs of diverse populations differ with respect to the evaluation-related topic explored through your presentation? How have these needs changed over time?
  • Are the measures that are currently in place (i.e., policies, programs, and initiatives) responsive to the needs of diverse populations? Are there populations whose needs have not been addressed?
  • Are stereotypes about diverse populations being reinforced or refuted?
  • Do diverse populations have equitable access to the measures currently in place? What are the barriers to their access? To what extent do diverse populations participate?
  • How have diverse populations been differentially impacted? To what extent have known disparities between populations been effectively diminished? What are the unanticipated favourable and unfavourable effects on diverse populations?
  • What changes are needed to achieve more equitable results for diverse populations? How sustainable are the favourable impacts on diverse populations?

An integral part of the GBA+ process is identifying and challenging assumptions, both those held by you and those held by others. Also essential to the analytic process is data analysis: what evidence supports or calls into question these assumptions? Keep in mind that acknowledging a lack of evidence can also be useful for identifying questions that merit further inquiry. 

When sharing the process, results, and recommendations of your GBA+ analysis during the delivery of your presentation, we encourage you to be mindful of the diversity that exists among CES conference delegates and to take steps to ensure a respectful, empathic, and productive dialogue. 

The following resources provide further information on GBA+: What is GBA+, from Status of Women Canada and Integrating Gender-Based Analysis Plus into Evaluation: A Primer, from the Treasury Board Secretariat.