Volunteers Preparing for C2020

A core group of over 65 volunteers (and counting) is well into planning for the 2020 CES conference. Tons of contacts have been made, sponsors are beginning to line up, and we’re looking at ideas for the workshops, keynote speakers, and of course, fun social events. 

How might we shape our workshops and plenary sessions? Who’s considered innovative right now? Who can push us on to learn and grow professionally and as a profession? These are just a few of the thoughts occupying Benoît Gauthier and Jennifer Birch-Jones, the C2020 conference Conference Co-Chairs and their volunteer team. We’re looking for engaging, dynamic, thought-provoking workshop leaders and keynote speakers. Maybe even some who will make us a bit uncomfortable. 

Evaluation use–what this means, how we achieve it, who gets to say so. We want the conference to open our thinking to  new ideas, expand our awareness, have us understand differently. 

Guided by our core values, we are working hard to put these into practice. A working group of evaluators who identify as Indigenous is being established; it will provide guidance on integrating active reconciliation into our conference preparations and the conference itself.  

We’re also looking at how to incorporate sustainability into the Ottawa conference, building on the great work done by C2019 and the CES Sustainability Working Group.  

And finally, we’re applying a developmental evaluation approach to our conference planning work that provides us with an opportunity to reflect and learn in real-time. 

We also recognize that camaraderie is the spirit that makes for a truly great team. So taking time out to get to know everyone and enjoy each other’s company is very important to us. 

Our conference co-chairs Jennifer and Benoît doing a stand-up job.

And that’s what we have in store for you, a fabulous conference to stretch you professionally and engage you socially. Good times and good conversation with friends and acquaintances new and old. 

Conference 2020 is going to be a blast!