Networking the C2021 Virtual Way

Ever wonder how we are going to network at the C2021 virtual conference? Many of us go to conferences to network. We network to strengthen our connections, to get fresh ideas, to raise our profile, to meet new people, and to share thoughts. Sometimes we gain a different perspective, get answers to our questions, advance our career and develop long lasting professional relationships. But how are we going to do this virtually when we cannot meet the keynote speaker by chance in the hallway, join an animated conversation at break times, introduce ourselves to a table of strangers at plenary, or sneak away for a coffee with a colleague we haven’t seen in ages? 

Conference organizers have thought of everything – well, almost everything – and have identified networking as a key activity for conference attendees. So, get ready to network at C2021 with different options available to meet your networking needs. 

 If you want to connect individually with another conference participant, you will be able to search for people according to areas of interest or name and connect through chat or video calls. For more organized networking, there will be networking lounges available during the daily networking breaks in the conference schedule. These virtual rooms will be organized around different topics and themes where you can informally meet with other delegates and discuss. You can also create your own networking lounge whenever you like, invite your friends or see if anyone shows up. There will be one speed networking session: a structured and fun way to meet and interact with multiple attendees in a short period of time. 

Get ready to network virtually at C2021! It will be fun and you just might meet some really interesting people.