What are you proposing for C2020?

We hope you’ve been thinking about your workshop, presentation or thematic breakfast table discussion for the C2020 Conference. You’ve got until December 8, 2019 to get your proposal in. Firm deadline. There will be no extensions.

AEA365’s Lead Curator Sheila B. Robinson, who also frequently reviews proposals for AEA conferences, emphasized in a recent posting that people want to know how they can apply what you’ve learned. 

Sheila says a common complaint is that presenters spend too much time on details about the programs and then speed right over evaluation approaches and methods. You want to make sure your presentation serves up the real meal that people are looking for, so be sure to keep your audience in mind, why they are at the conference and why they will be glad they attended your session. What gems can you serve them? 

In essence, what’s the key message about your project, method, lessons learned? What’s your elevator speech? Can you explain in 30 seconds the key takeaway –  what you want your audience to remember?

 If this is going to be your first time presenting, remember that the audience are people who are on your side, even if you think they may not agree with everything you have to say.

If you’re clear about which conference sub-theme your proposal addresses and the key message you want to communicate, you’re well on your way. Just be sure to complete all of the application form.

The 2020 Conference Organizing Committee looks forward to receiving your proposal.

We’ll share more tips on preparing good presentations in the New Year. So stay tuned and good luck with your preparing your proposal!