What’s so Great About Attending a CES Virtual Conference?

C2021 has a group of over 100 dedicated volunteers working at making this the most innovative CES conference yet. Virtual conferences are quite a different experience, even though the content is equally exciting. Here are some advantages of a CES virtual conference:

  • You have access to an unprecedented range and diversity of presenters and participants from around the world.
  • You can more easily pinpoint and focus your networking efforts on persons who share your specific interests. Some of the interactive features offered by C2021 will include live Q&As (much beyond what is possible in-person), hosted reflective sessions at the end of each day, direct written and video contacts with delegates sharing interests with you, a delegate profile to make yourself known to others, dedicated time during the conference to access a variety of structured networking events, virtual spaces available for spontaneous networking, virtual tours of exhibitors’ booths, real-time notification of special events, etc.
  • You can access recorded presentations after the event so that you don’t have to worry about choosing among several concurrent sessions.
  • You save on travel time as well as transportation and accommodation costs, which means that more of you are able to participate.
  • You have the convenience of accessing lively and participatory conference workshops and proceedings from the comfort of your own home, while significantly reducing your environmental footprint.

Of course, a virtual event does not offer the same face-to-face interaction and it can be tiring to spend long periods of time facing a screen. Conference organisers have worked hard to offset these by programming several different interaction opportunities and by hosting conference sessions on a Monday, a Wednesday and a Friday to give everyone a break from screen time. Similarly, full-day workshops have been split over two consecutive days.

Beyond its new virtual format, why should you attend a CES annual conference?

The keynote speakers and panel presentations—they get you thinking! The sessions—you come for the stories, the highs and lows of evaluation, and the inspiration to contribute and innovate. The conversations during, in between, and after sessions—that’s what helps you digest kernels of insight and absorb new learnings. In addition to being inspired by a diversity of voices and experiences, you will enjoy the opportunity to share your professional experiences with the wider community.

Being part of an active community and connected with our peers is an amazing feeling, particularly in this new virtual world. Through C2021 you will get to reunite with colleagues, make new connections, and network with evaluators from all over Canada and elsewhere.

What’s so great about attending a CES virtual conference? We’d be delighted to hear what you have to say. Please connect with us at and on twitter at #EvalC2021.