What’s so great about attending CES conferences

We talked with a few of you to find out what you think makes the conferences so great. Here’s what you told us.

The keynote speakers, the panel presentations—they get you thinking! The sessions—you learn so much! The conversations in between sessions, at social gatherings, during meals together—that’s what helps to absorb the presentations, what we’re experiencing, digesting kernels of insight, new learnings.

As one colleague told us, “CES conferences provide a great opportunity to step back and remind ourselves why we are evaluators and why we strive to make a difference in peoples’ lives by telling stories that really matter.”

You come for the stories, the highs and lows of evaluation, and the commitment and responsibility to be open and unbiased.

You told us the conferences strengthen your ability to contribute and innovate at work, as a result of active learning and networking. In addition to being inspired by others, you enjoy the opportunity to share your professional experiences with the wider community. You find the suggestions other attendees give you on overcoming some of the evaluation challenges you’re facing very helpful.

“Being part of an active community and connected with our peers is an amazing feeling!” That’s why many of you enjoy attending CES conferences throughout your careers, returning again and again. You get to reunite with colleagues, make new connections, and network with evaluators from all over Canada and elsewhere. There’s a real sense of belonging.

You mentioned being impressed with CES’ commitment to sustainability, from accessing the program online to locally sourced foods. You also liked having vegetarian and vegan choices available at the 2019 conference.

What’s so great about attending CES conferences? We’d be delighted to hear what you have to say. Maybe you have some other thoughts you’d like to share, too. Please connect with us at We just may include some of your comments in future blogs.

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