Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please review the following FAQs carefully. If your question is not answered below, please send an email to for assistance.

  1. How has the CES responded to the global pandemic?
    In light of the important public health issues we are facing, the CES decided in March 2020 to postpone its June 2020 conference to the following year. The CES subsequently announced on June 2, 2020 that the C2021 conference would be transformed from its traditional format to a virtual event.
  2. Does the C2021 virtual conference theme remain the same?
    Yes. The C2021 conference theme Evaluation utilization: Achieving our potential? remains the same. So do the sub-themes of Positioning utilization, Achieving utilization and Questioning utilization. In response to current circumstances, two new sub-themes have also been added: Impact of the pandemic on utilization; and Marginalization and utilization.
  3. When will the virtual conference be held? How long will it last?
    Conference proceedings will take place over three non-consecutive days: May 10, 12, and 14, 2021. A special learning event on Anti-racism and implications for evaluation practice will also be hosted on Sunday, May 9.
  4. When will workshops be held?
    The C2021 program will offer a selection of concurrent full- and half-day workshops. Workshops will be held daily from May 3 to 7, 2021. A special Evaluation Leaders Event will take place on April 30. All workshops are described at
  5. When will the conference schedule be available?
    An initial conference schedule, including conference sessions, was posted on our website at on January 24, 2021. The final program will be posted on April 26, 2021.
  6. Will presentations and workshops be live or recorded?
    Plenary presentations and workshops will be conducted live. Presentations of all other types will be either live or pre-recorded, at the discretion of the presenter(s), with the opportunity for a live exchange of questions and answers. All presentations will be made available for viewing for three months after the conference.
  7. What will be expected of presenters?
    Presenters will be expected to register for the conference, to familiarize themselves with best practices for online presentations, and be available for virtual exchanges during their presentation time slot.
  8. Will technical guidance and support be provided to presenters and workshop leaders to help them adapt to a virtual presentation format?
    Yes. Various guidance and tools will be offered to presenters and workshop leaders.
  9. How will the virtual conference experience allow for interaction with presenters and other conference participants?
    The conference experience will be made interactive through a variety of means, including: (1) exchanges immediately after presentations; (2) thematic hangouts (replacing previously scheduled thematic breakfasts); (3) topical hosted reflection sessions; and (4) 30-minute networking sessions scheduled at various times on every day of the conference. Moreover, the conference platform will offer ways to find people with similar interests and to connect with them.
  10. Will there be social events?
    Yes. Possible social events are posted on the Conference website: Final offering will be based on delegate demand and cost-recoverable.
  11. Will simultaneous interpretation be available at the conference?
    Simultaneous interpretation from English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese will be available during plenary sessions. The English feed and translations will be offered as subtitles.
  12. What virtual platform will the conference use?
    C2021 will be hosted on the PheedLoop platform. Short YouTube videos walking through the platform’s customized features are available for conference attendees, for speakers and workshop facilitators, and for sponsors and exhibitors.
  13. Will there be an in-person conference component?
    Due to ongoing health and safety restrictions, C2021 will be completely virtual. Local CES chapters may offer their own events around the conference, with local guidelines in place at that time determining whether these would be virtual or able to be in-person.
  14. Will an Executive Learning Event still be held?
    The Executive Learning Event was replaced by an Evaluation Leaders Event. More information is available on the Conference website:
  15. Will the CES Educational Fund Student Case Competition still be held?
    Yes. The final round of the Student Case Competition will be hosted on May 11. Details will be available in the final conference program available on April 26 at
  16. When will registration open?
    Early-bird registration for the 2021 CES Conference opened on February 1, 2021 and closes on April 11, 2021. More information is available on the Conference website:
  17. What will the pricing be for the conference?
    Conference fees can be found on the Conference website: The fees are less than the usual in-person CES conference rate and aim to motivate participation by those who can’t normally attend, while enabling Conference organizers to cover their operation costs and the CES to generate a sufficient profit to maintain services to its members.
  18. Do I need to be a CES member to participate in the 2021 CES Conference?
    No. Members and non-members are encouraged to participate in the conference. However, all participants need to register for the conference and CES members will be given a discount on the registration fee.
  19. What is included in my conference fee and what do I need to purchase separately?
    The basic conference fee includes access to plenary events and concurrent presentations, as well as a special learning event on Anti-racism and the implications for evaluation practice on Sunday, May 9. Registration also includes 3-month post-conference access to recorded content. Additional fees are charged for pre-conference workshops, for the Evaluation Leaders Event, and for optional social events.
  20. How do I add a workshop to my registration? Are workshops included in the conference registration?
    You can register for pre-conference workshops on the registration form. The price of workshops are in addition to the conference registration fee. Registration fees can be found here:
  21. I only want to attend one day of the conference, is that possible?
    No. Registration is available for the entire conference only.
  22. Can I just register for a workshop and not attend the conference?
    Conference registrants will be given exclusive priority to register for the workshops. Should there be space left in a workshop two weeks prior to the conference, registration might be opened up to all.
  23. Can I cancel or transfer my registration to another person?
    Refunds will be given for requests received in writing marked no later than the end of day April 13, 2021 less an administration fee of $100; send an email to All refunds will be issued by June 30, 2021. After the cancellation deadline, we regret that no refunds will be granted; however, we will accept substitute delegates. The substituting party is responsible for all financial obligations (any balance due) associated with that substitution as well as updating all contact information.
  24. Is there funding available to help with registration costs?
    C2021 has some funds to support the attendance of three types of delegates who have had a presentation accepted in the program: evaluators who reside in Latin America or the Caribbeans, Canadian evaluators who identify as Metis, First Nation, or Inuit, and full time graduate students in Canada. These awards have been distributed. Additional funding support is available for Indigenous delegates.
  25. How can my organization become a conference sponsor?
    Visit our Sponsorship Opportunities web page at or contact for details.
  26. How can I reserve exhibitor space on the conference platform?
    Visit our Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities web page at for details.
  27. How can I contribute or volunteer to the 2021 conference?
    For volunteering opportunities: send an email to
  28. How will time zones be factored into the program?
    First, the official start time on May 10, 12, and 14 is 11am Eastern so that our colleagues on the Canadian West coast can tag along at 8am their time. Second, the schedule at a glance and the detailed program spreadsheet include a dropdown list to select which time to display. Finally, in the PheedLoop platform, you can select your time zone in your personal profile and the platform will show the timing of all events based on your own time.
  29. My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?
    Please contact the relevant address, as follows: