The C2021 program is now available! Here are the main components:

  • The Program-at-a-glance is reproduced below with Eastern times. A spreadsheet that can show other Canadian time zones and GMT is also available.
  • There will be four plenary sessions on May 9, 10, 12, and 14.
  • The detailed list of all workshops, presentations, and all other events is currently available as an Excel spreadsheet that you can filter and search. This spreadsheet may be updated in coming weeks; changes will be documented in a separate tab. In this spreadsheet, you can select your language and your timezone.
  • 27 workshops are offered on the week of May 3 to May 7.
  • A variety of well-being events are offered.

No later than April 12, the conference platform will be available; it will help you build your own conference program using several search criteria.